School of Design

Of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)
one of the leading Universities in Russia
194 000 graduates

– Over 1500 foreign students from more than 40 countries
Programs and international cooperation
56 branches in Russia

– More than 80 undergraduate programs and more than 90 master's programs
– More than 200 existing agreements on international cooperation with leading universities and schools of the world

101 place in the rating of "QS University Rankings" among the universities of the developing countries of Europe and Central Asia
School of Design

one of the youngest and most perspective
branches of RANEPA

School of Design was established in 2011. The School adopts the experience of RANEPA to produce the complete and multidisciplinary approach in art management and design education. It's program is aimed at preparing of artists who alongside their creative work know how to effectively manage the development of their projects. All competences and skills trained during the courses meet the requirements of likely employers.

students from 19 regions of the Russian Federation

foreign languages courses during the whole study period

Рortfolio compilation from the 1 year of education
Sofiya Trotsenko
Director of the School of Design RANEPA
Founder of the WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art and President of the WINZAVOD Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art, social activist and arts producer
School of Design Today
In 2016 Sofiya Trotsenko has become the director of the School of Design RANEPA. Since then the new team has become the driving force for new activities of the School.
Main focus
• Development of International Relations
• Attraction of new specialists and professionals working
• Implementation of practical, project-based programs: Laboratories
• Expanding the School audience: Courses for children
New academic programs
• Bachelor in Management of Municipal and Territorial Development
• Master in Management in Fashion Business
• Supplementary courses in Management in Fashion Business

• International Strategic Design Lab
Our educational programs
Bachelor degree courses
• Design
• Management of Municipal and Territorial Development (program stars in 2018)
Master degree courses
• Management in Art Business
• Management of Design Projects
• Management in Fashion Business (program starts in 2020)
Supplementary vocational education
• Brand-building Course for Designers
• Management in Fashion Business
Strategic Design Lab (program starts in 2018)
Experimental platform for international interdisciplinary projects:

- Research groups, prototyping laboratories
- Publication program
- Thematic workshops
- Spin-off consulting company
- International Symposium
- Research School
Design courses for children 13+ (program starts in 2018)
International Partnership Strategy
In 5 years to become the first design school in Russia to meet international demand for independent designers who think strategically and are adapted to the global industry
To foster network of international alliances for creative activity in tune with contemporary needs
To create a hub for attracting young professionals from all over the world
To launch of the double diploma program Erasmus Mundus
To implement best international strategies of conceptual and career-oriented approaches in design education in Russia
To realise top level projects, based on collaboration for solutions to contemporary challenges
International Partnership projects 2018/2019
Capacity building – teachers training
• "Train the trainer" programs and international best practices workshops for teachers
• International stagierships for teachers abroad
• International lectures and workshops programs in Russia
• Joint research projects on curriculum development and training methodologies
• Presenting school at International conferences / workshops
Students mobility
• University partnerships for students exchange
• International design competitions
• Joint research projects
• Summer/winter schools
Education – Industry cooperation
• International industry partnerships
• Exhibitions and design labs
Our Academic Stuff
Sergey Serov
Head of the master's program
PHD, President of the Biennale of Graphic Design "Golden Bee"
Erken Kagarov
Curator of the course of an additional professional program "Branding for Designers"
Member of the Union of Designers of Russia. Vice President of the Academy of Graphic Design. Founder and creative director of the studio Imadesign, Moscow
Yuri Gulitov
Head of the master's program
Font Designer, Member of the Union of Designers of Russia and the Union of Artists of Ukraine
Contact us:
+7 495 695 12 03